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Panasonic DMC-G7 Review

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I went to MPB to check the current price of the Panasonic DMC-G7 and was pleasantly surprised to find that you can purchase one in excellent condition for just $359. Conversely, you can purchase a Panasonic DMC-G7 in like new condition for $374. Regardless, it’s a lot more reasonable than $800 and the camera is now sitting in a price range, and with specs, that are amateur-friendly.

Of course, it can still be difficult to convince yourself to spend nearly $400 on a camera that you don’t know will work for you. This is why I always suggest that you shop with MPB. Whereas you never know the true quality of a camera that you pick up off of Craigslist or eBay, MPB hires an awesome crew of professional photographers and videographers to grade each piece of equipment that they decide to buy. And they’re picky about their buying process, too, because they want to make sure that you are going to be happy with your camera at the end of the day.

MPB also has a 30-day guarantee on each of their products. Try taking your broken camera back to a Craigslist seller and I’m assuming you’ll get laughed at.

For more info about why MPB is one of our favorite used camera retailers, you can read our review of the site in the learn more links below.

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